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    1. Administrator
      Join Date
      Mar 2011

      Word from the CEO/Founder

      Arabs.com is a forum dedicated unequivocally to Freedom of Speech in mass form. We believe that freedom does not exist in installments, rather freedom can only exist as a whole, for one can not be relatively free without that signifying logically that he/she is primarily oppressed.

      The argument against freedom has accumulated through time in political and conventional social discourse in Arab culture into something of a tradition, branding the word “freedom” itself with connotations of immorality, decadence and social decay. Freedom has been branded as an unhealthy western import that the Arab intellect must not be exposed to, unless through gradual and controlled doses. Freedom has been determined by the systems of power—political and/or religious—to produce undesirable side effects, such as, diversity, democracy, freedom of the press and freedom of speech, to name a few. In other words, all forms of freedom of disagreement are considered undesirable side effects. To put it in another way, if freedom was the right to say “No,” then the Arab person had all the freedom in the world only to say, “Yes”.

      Freedom is almost synonymous with the notion of commitment in the Arab media (whenever the issue of freedom is permitted into public discussion). This is a contemporary way of saying that one is only free to be controlled! But we do believe in that synonym—only in a different sense—that truly committed freedom is one that is committed to freedom itself and nothing beyond that, but human conscience?
      Though conscience is a concept difficult to define in general, it is quite easy for the person to credibly define their individual conscience. Individual conscience is the standard of credibility to which we subscribe and express ourselves. At Arabs.com, the human conscience, consciously defined by human individuality, is our source of credibility.

      The greatest space of freedom is the one between a person’s ears. Arabs.com is concerned with safeguarding the independence and integrity of this space.

      It is Arabs.com’s profound belief in the maturity of the Arab consciousness—which has transcended the stagnant political process and overturned historical convictions—that compelled us to lay the foundations for this forum. This is a forum for Arabs, by Arabs, from every dissent, without bias or preference for one voice over another. This is a forum to create a reality for Arabs without censorship or guardianship, where each person is responsible for their exercise of free choice and expression.

      Reality is what we perceive as reality and the Arab intellect has proven its ability to change its reality through changing its perception of itself, and with that, was able to change in a blink of an eye, in the scale of history, what had long been thought impossible when it stopped perceiving it as so.
      History is made not by super-powers of heaven or earth, but human-made, through the collective exercise of humanity expressing its self freely, and that is our strategic philosophy in contributing to the creation of a new reality in the Arab world and the world at large.

      Thunayan Khalid AL-Ghanim
      CEO/Founder of Future Media Architects, Inc


      Last edited by Adrenaline; 22-03-2011 at 08:57.

    2. Senior Member
      Join Date
      Feb 2011

      Proud to be an Arab

      I have never felt I was an Arab and I think that this was the feeling of most of the Egyptians. All these years, the political regimes succeeded in separating us creating prejudices and obstacles between us. Now we all feel proud to be part of the Arab World, sharing language, geography, culture, religions and the most important thing that freedom spirit.


    3. Junior Member
      Join Date
      Jul 2013
      hope freedom brings the best amongus


      join the campaign of spreading Islam with kids teaching Quran institute for Quran learning


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